Waterless panel Cleaning Robots

Deploying robots to clean solar panels might seem like an unnecessary measure, but it’s actually the complete opposite. The biggest problem with traditional water cleaning, aside from the fact that it consumes astronomical amounts of a precious resource, is the large expenses associated with it. This limits the number of monthly cleaning cycles that can be scheduled, which in turn results in dust and dirt accumulating on panel surfaces, causing a drop in and loss of power generation. 

There is no such restriction when using cleaning robots, as multiple cleaning cycles can be scheduled per month. More the number of cleaning cycles, better the overall cleaning efficiency, leading to an increase in power generation

Atmus Infinity


Customizable sizes,
flexible design

Supports multiple panel configurations

Soft, spiral bristled brushes

Low maintenance

IP 65 rated


User Friendly

No extra installations, no guide rails required.

Runs on the panel frames directly.

Lightweight and Portable

Simply pick and place on rows.

Fixing a robot on every row ?
Doesn't make sense.

Value for Money

Want big returns, but don't want to spend big ? It's okay, we got you.

ROI within 1-2 years. No one likes waiting around for ages.

Robust and Durable

Solar plants have a life of around 25 years or so.

Shouldn't the cleaning solution last just as long ?