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I always wondered why didn’t somebody do something about it. Then I realized I was somebody.

– Lily Tomlin

– Atmus Robotics

Simplifying supply chain operations with Mechatronics

Atmus aims to optimize the supply chain operations through the needed automation tools. With smart mechatronics, we can instigate operational efficiency within every operation and reduce human dependency and errors.

In-plant logistics and storage can be automated by our unique solutions like, vertical lifts, smart converyors and workstations for a sustainable process flow within a facility. Atmus enables industries to step into the futuristic world of Industry 4.0. With the ever changing digital landscape, we help businesses to transform their operations with tech and automation to reduce operation TAT within minimum cost implications.

94% of India’s solar capacity is exposed to medium to high level water risk. Rajasthan, for example, is estimated to require 600,000 m³/year for module cleaning. The state is highly arid, and this water use reportedly further exacerbates the situation.

While Karnataka is located in a considerably more humid region than Rajasthan, the higher installation capacity here also requires more water use for cleaning. The 1,000,000 m³/year for module cleaning still places the state at medium to high risk

every problem has a solution

Atmus Infinity

Raising awareness is important, but we decided to go the extra mile and develop a solution to the probem. At Atmus Infinity, we have developed Industry 4.0 ready hardware automation which can digitize the global industry.